A new way to scale Ethereum

AfterEther(AET) is a new Ethereum network,
created to solve scaling problems of Ethereum

What is AfterEther?

AfterEther is Ethereum Expanded; truly, a new way to scale Ethereum.

Exactly like Ethereum network, it is a decentralised platform that runs smart contracts: applications that operate precisely as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.

These applications function on a custom built blockchain, an extremely robust and shared worldwide infrastructure that can move value around and represent the ownership of property. The technology is 100% compatible to Ethereum and is without the transaction bottleneck in Ethereum.

AfterEther has a focus on Scalability which is one of the underlying issue for mass adoption. AfterEther with its blockchain clustering is the most viable solution for infinite scalability aiding mass adoption. It enhances the speed and scale of transactions, while lowering transactional cost on a blockchain

White Paper

Blockchain Scalability by
Blockchain Clustering




  • Our Vision is to complement and not compete by staying 100% compatible with Ethereum.

  • To build solutions to issues, plaguing the blockchain technology worldwide.

  • To focus on scalability in Ethereum and aid mass adoption.


  • Our Mission is to build and retain a network that supports the new version of Ether.

  • Facilitate scaling and create additional applications and blockchain management tools to keep it popular.

  • Invite blockchain user community and potential user base worldwide to join AfterEther.

Strength for Success

Revived Opportunity

AfterEther provides a never before – never again opportunity to invest in Ethereum, to everyone who missed out on the original version. Based on the same technology, its just as valuable and timely, with ethereum struggling to scale. Thus, the demand is now and the opportunity right to mine ethereum with AfterEther Infinite scaling

AfterEther with its proven and tested approach of clustering offers infinite scalability. With the road to blockchain scalability through scaling a single blockchain closed, Multiple parallel blockchains is the way to go & AfterEther offers infinite scaling with this approach.

This also helps deal with bottlenecks inherent in blockchain technology by augmenting speed and scale of transactions and simultaneously lowering the cost of every single transaction executed.

Market Expanding

With a complementing approach towards the competition, AfterEther creates a win – win situation for all. Ethereum achieves a solution to its bottlenecks and AfterEther gains credible access to the ethereum user to further mine and profit from the immense potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency business across the globe.

Scaling is considered to be at the crux of mass adoption. Every crypto currency adopter seeks mass adoption and AfterEther is the most viable solution as on date..

Catalyse Mass Adoption

Consider the current 7 billion people in the world transacting 1 payment every day,- the need is then ( 7B/24/60/60 ) = 81,000 transactions per second. And a leap in scaling with a single blockchain is a distant dream and scaling with multiple network could will be the catalyst that we need to promote and process mass adoption.

Buy AfterEther

Investment in AfterEther is based on direct purchase of AfterEther (AET) coin from us. You can purchase by remitting Ether (ETH) Only

AfterEther currently is not listed on any exchange. Buying from exchanges is possible post the initial bootstrapping of investments for listing the coin.

At the time of purchase, an automatic process will convert your ETH coins to AET using current market price of Ether.

Buy AET in 3 simple steps.

  1. Send your ETH coins to our ETH account: 0xbb46f3aabf35657db9a4e83566fcd59da2e4afaf

  2. Wait 5 minutes

  3. Open our blockchain explorer
    input your Ethereum address in the Search box and press "Go".
    Your balance will shown. Please verify the amount of coins you have received in the "Value transfers" tab

Do reach out for any queries/clarifications.


Our monetary policy is to issue twice as many coins as Ether (200M coins) within the next 5 years However the real amount will depend very much on the congestion of our networks. Each additional Ethereum network will increase the supply by 2 coins per block, 14,000 coins per day, or 5 million per year. For example, 10 blockchains working in parallel will issue 50M coins per year or 200M coins in 4 years altogether.

Total coins to exit > 200 Million
Currently allocated 5% (10 Million) for the development team.
Reward per block 2 coins
Block time 1 block every 13 seconds
Network ID 233

About Us

AfterEther is a passion driven platform by a team of dedicated software developers with professional expertise in investment, finance, business & marketing.

This global team has development at its core, focussed on crypto currencies to build ecosystems that lead to mass adoption of this powerful worldwide infrastructure called blockchain.

With a keen eye to strategise growth, the team is geared to review perspective to adopt clustering to tide over the immediate bottleneck of scaling in the Ethereum networks and open the possibility of infinite scaling and promote everyday users for crypto currency.

After Effect has a diaspora of professionals across continents contributing to ensure far reaching success and growth in blockchain technology. The think tank pool is talented, driven and perfectly capable of enabling a successful run on this modern adoption of old school thought. Pragmatic and perceptive to the needs of a fast paced technology environment, the team is part of the blockchain ecosystem around the world.

For we believe, Its better to have a great team than a team of greats...